Our passion takes us on a unique journey

Passion is more than strong feeling. It’s the driving force which leads to inspiration, the inner power that makes us seek and strive for perfection and the insight that guides us on our path.

Each pair of Greek Salad Sandals reflects our passion for minimalism and harmony, simplicity and beauty.


T H E  S T O R Y

“Life comes in pairs”

Inspired by this motto, a pair of shoe lovers, Jacquies and Christina, founded their company in 1996. They launched in the Greek market, placing foreign women’s shoes brands in carefully selected retailers.

In 2013 their strong combined vision gave birth to a new brand, Greek Salad, which quickly appeared in all the must-see Greek shop windows.

Greek Salad Sandals can now be found in the most prestigious multi brand boutiques all over Greece including the most cosmopolitan islands.

In 2014 the brand ventured overseas. Today it is stocked in the most fashionable multi brand stores and concept stores in six European countries: Greece, Belgium, France, UK, Italy and the Netherlands.

The craftmanship – Handmade in Greece

All Greek Salad Sandals are manufactured by hand and curated by skilled artisans who pay attention to every tiny detail when crafting each full leather, 100% handmade, pair of Greek Salad Sandals.

Their techniques of traditional production ensure an authentic look and feel that make each pair your unique companion for every journey you take.

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